“We don’t charge an arm or a leg . . . just a limb or two!”


Williams Brothers Tree Service provide safe, efficient tree services for Residential, Commercial and Townships in Mono and surrounding areas.

We are available 24 HOURS A DAY … 7 DAYS A WEEK for your EMERGENCY tree trimming and removal needs.


  • tree removal
  • hydro line clearing
  • lot clearing
  • stump grinding

When we are finished we do a thorough clean up.


Our employees have undergone specialty training
to ensure you and your property’s safety.

Fully insured.

Special Seniors rate.

Williams Brothers offers excellent service and reasonable prices. I will definitely refer them to all my friends in the surrounding areas.

D. Eccles

Ron and Michael have completed several jobs for me over the last 20-25 years. They always provide quality work and are very efficient. In an emergency situation they are always a call away. Michael and Ron are very friendly and respectful and handle every situation in a timely manner and safely as possible.
B. Shirley

Let me tell you three stories of why I recommend Williams Brothers Tree Service so highly.

The day before our daughter’s wedding in our garden a strong wind took downa Manitoba Maple. The guests were to sit under this tree during the ceremony. After a panic call to Ron Williams, he and his crew solved the problem and totally cleaned up the site. A few years ago an ice storm cracked 1/3 of a birch clump. Again unsafe. Had Williams Brothers Tree Service not dealt with it a strong wind could have brought the entire tree down.

Safety is #1 on Ron’s mind. He prioritize jobs so that unsafe issues get resolved ASAP.

Our third story. The severe winds and rains this spring caused the top third of mature sugar maple to break off. It was lodged in the top branches waiting to cause havoc in the next storm. I had a bus tour from Oshawa coming to tour the gardens on June 22, 2017 at 11.00am. At 7.30am Michael Williams arrived with hi boom truck and work. They quickly made a nervous garden happy.

I thank you for all the excellent service, at such short notice. And will definitely recommend you to anyone requiring tree removal service.
T&B Simmons


see what our customers are saying

Williams Brothers Tree Service provided excellent tree removal service using complete safety equipment.
M. Lithman

Excellent service, equipment used to complete the job very efficiently. Very courteous staff.
S. Seedath

I have employed Ron Williams of Williams Brothers Tree Service for cutting trees on my rural property for over 25 years. He is dependable, honest hard working and highly skilled. What more can I say?

He has cut in both my wood lot and around our house. He can fell a forest giant and drop it right where he wants. Or if working around my house, from the bucket of his boom truck he can safely remove branches or remove the entire tree piece by piece. He employ a few men who work with him as a team. They are efficient and very professional.

His pricing is fair and he keeps to his estimates. I find him to be very flexible about the wood. He can chip it and take it away, cut it up for firewood, cut it for lumber logs or let it lie to return to the soil. In the last few years Michael has become a part of the team. Michael is a fast learner, who in addition to his dad’s practical teaching has the benefit of college training in tree cutting and forest practices.

It is a real pleasure to find a tree service which combines cutting skills, honesty and fair pricing and who leaves a clean site when finished.
R. Manktelow

Williams Brothers Tree Service
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